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Welcome to Tiffany With Purpose

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Hello Love,

I believe we are affirmed by our names. Multiple times a day you are called out, by name, by many people in many places. Tiffany means manifestation of God and I’ve always taken that to heart. On my faith journey, I’ve come to fully accept an understanding of God through love the way it was intended. In this, I also understand that Tiffany means manifestation of Love (1 John 4:16), and I feel very connected to this. Life has offered me valuable lessons in love, and I have been able to witness many deficiencies in the understanding of love. Having a heart to heal others in this area has given me the passion to create this platform. I would like to welcome you to a space where you can find resources to promote your spiritual, mental, and physical wellness, and to inspire you to love others as you journey towards loving yourself.

My most honored moments in my life are when I have fully understood something and a noticeable shift in my thinking and subsequent behavioral patterns have reformed as a result. An evolution of the mind that has served as the catalyst of the transformation of self. I believe this is the kind of change we should constantly pursue in life. That we should understand and appreciate where we currently are—own that in its complete truth—but also be empowered by the ability we have to master ourselves. That we understand that we are ultimately responsible and have to hold ourselves accountable for our own growth. The more you replace things that cloud your mind with things that bring peace of mind, (i.e., replacing anger with kindness, hate with forgiveness and love, jealousy with contentment, doubt with courage, a habit to critique with gentleness and grace, and so on), the more clarity you will have about who you are and why you are here (Romans 12:2). This requires continuous cycles of introspection and seeking resources that may help you do that. I’m here to give you questions you need to ask yourself to understand where you are and where you want to be in life.

My ultimate goal is to encourage you to live lives full of faith, intention, self-awareness, and continuous growth. As I pursued this journey within myself, I was able to understand that all I am learning is for you. So here I am: Tiffany, with purpose. I’m so excited to grow with you!

With Purpose,


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